When Will You Retire

In a nutshell, you will retire when your Financial Plan comes to fruition. Conversely, few people ever stop working or retire completely without one. Does that worry you? It certainly should if you do not already have a Financial Plan in place – why not share your dreams with one of our Financial Advisers today? You will have a better idea of when you will be able to retire when you have answers to the following questions:

o How well are your current priorities balanced against your future needs?

o When will you be able to afford to stop working, yet keep your home?

o At what point in time will your investment income be sufficient in itself?

o When will your investment portfolio also be able cover you against health and other risks?

Are you having difficulties answering these questions? Four out of every five Canadians are in the same leaky boat. It’s time gone past to take advice from a competent Financial Adviser, and plan for the day when you want to, not have to retire. We are independent brokers, and our advice is free.

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