Product Allocation

The key to maximizing retirement income and ensuring its sustainability throughout one’s life lies in implementing a well-defined Product Allocation strategy, rather than solely focusing on wealth accumulation.

As Canadians navigate the challenges of transitioning into retirement, traditional financial planning and investment strategies, such as asset allocation, have played a vital role in building wealth during the investment phase. However, when it comes to generating income, particularly in volatile market conditions, additional considerations are necessary.

Investors face various risks that can be mitigated by leveraging the features and guarantees offered by a diverse range of income-generating investment products. By skillfully combining these products in an appropriate blend, a robust retirement income plan can be established. This strategic mix of investment products is commonly referred to as Product Allocation.

Product Allocation entails allocating an investor’s assets in a carefully balanced manner across three distinct categories of products. This approach ensures a sustainable retirement income stream while effectively meeting individual retirement goals.